What does EMI mean in messages?

Excuse my ignorance

If you have trouble comprehending what a person said, you may message them "EMI," then follow it with a clarifying question. For example, if you are discussing politics via texts, you may message your friend, "EMI, but isn't Ramirez ineligible to run for senate for another year?"

People may use EMI when messaging and in online forums when attempting to understand a concept, suggestion, idea, etc. They may also use EMI sarcastically when trying to make another person look stupid. For example, a know-it-all keyboard warrior may comment, "EMI, but it looks like I made your head spin there."


EMI, but isn't the limit for activations 10?
Yeah, but they reset my key
People will likely use EMI in online forums and messages
People will likely use EMI in online forums and messages

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Updated October 23, 2023

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