What does POV stand for?

Point of view

POV refers to a person's perspective, whether it be figuratively or literally. People may use POV in various contexts, including when sharing an opinion on a matter, playing a video game, or recording a video.

For example, when discussing politics, your friend may share, "My POV is that all politicians are working to get re-elected, so you can never trust them." Or when gaming online, a gamer may message you, "My pov is blocked. You got a clean shot on him?" Additionally, you may share a POV recording of a video, whether it be streaming an FPS game on Twitch or sharing a ziplining video from your helmet camera on YouTube.

POV on TikTok

On social sites, particularly TikTok, you might see POV accompanied by a hashtag (#pov) to indicate that the viewer watching the content should view it as if they were in that specific situation or behind the camera. For example, a TikToker may post a video with the caption, "#pov: you have an older sister," illustrating the ups and downs of having an older sister.


From my POV, I think you made the right decision
Thanks. I've felt unsure, so it helps to hear that
POV tweet about a past Michael Jackson concert
POV tweet about a past Michael Jackson concert
POV TikTok about the oblivious friend
POV TikTok about the oblivious friend

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Updated July 12, 2023

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