What is wlk short for in messages and online?


Wlk is an abbreviation of "walk" that removes the vowels ("a"). People often use wlk in texts and online messages as a verb and possibly as a noun (e.g., "Jeff's wlk is so goofy when he is faded").

For example, you may text your friend, "When do you usually get home from school when you wlk?" Or, you might ask, "Can you wlk me to my car? The parking lot is too dark."

There are many types of wlks to which a person may refer. Some examples include emergency walk, G-Walk, BB, and those dangerous walkers.


Do u wanna go for a wlk 2nite?
Sure. Does 9 sound good?

Some shoes on a wlk

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Updated May 31, 2023

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