What does WLOL mean in messages?

Whip laugh out loud

WLOL is a variation of the popular LOL acronym that people may use to react to intensely funny things by laughing so violently they whip their heads back. People typically use it when texting or messaging online (including social media) to react to a hilarious meme, video, story, etc.

For example, your friend may text you about a hilariously awful date, and you reply with, "im so sorry. wlol! did he at least pay for dinner?" Or, you may send a meme to your sister poking fun at your boomer parents, and she replies with, "WLOL. That is absolutely dad. OMG."


WLOL... That was one of the funniest jokes I've heard in a while
IKR? I had to share it with you!
You will likely only see WLOL in messages
You will likely only see WLOL in messages

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Updated November 13, 2023

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