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1. What does snap mean?


Snap means "Shoot" or "Dang," and is used as an exclamation of dismay and shock. It is often said out loud but may also be used in texts and online.

Snap is often seen with "Oh" as in "Oh snap!" Some examples of when you might hear this is when a great play is made during a sporting event or when a tree falls and almost hits a person.


Aw, snap! I forgot about my mom's birthday yesterday!

Snap means shoot!

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Updated June 12, 2019
2. What is a snap?

A casual picture

A picture captured quickly by a user (most likely novice) without much thought is sometimes referred to as a "snap." The name comes from the quick speed and disposable manner in which the person took the picture.

You will most likely hear or see the term when speaking to photography enthusiasts or browsing photography-related blogs. Photographers find it helpful for differentiating between casual pictures and more artistic photographs captured with artful eyes.

For example, a person who takes a snap probably does so with a phone or an inexpensive digital camera with the default settings in place. On the other hand, a person who takes a picture with custom settings on an expensive camera and/or painstakingly frames the subject is taking a photograph. You could say one "takes a snap," whereas the other "makes a photograph."

Some accuse the snap distinction of being a form of elitism and {gatekeeping|gatekeep}. However, it is typically used for distinguishing between picture types instead of putting others down.


Linda took a snap and it actually turned out great. I was pleasantly surprised with the composition and lighting

Taking a snap

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Updated January 31, 2022

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