What does FGS stand for?

For goodness' sake

When you are shocked, surprised, annoyed, or disgusted online or when texting or emailing, send "FGS," which stands for "for goodness' sake." You may see it in reaction to something shocking a person types, a gross meme, or an offensive image.

There are no clear origins when FGS was first used but it gained popularity in the early-2000s. As mobile phone usage and online chatrooms became more commonplace chat lingo, like FGS, was coined to save time and room in messages.

The phrase is an alternative euphemism to "for God's sake" that replaces "God" with "goodness." It is one of many variations, including "for Pete's sake," "for heaven's sake," and "for pity's sake."


FGS, your clothes are filthy!

That exasperated FGS feeling

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Updated August 2, 2021

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