What does WUWT stand for in messages and online?

What's up with that

When you are perplexed by something in a message, you can reply with "WUWT," which stands for "what's up with that" (in other words, "I don't get that"). You can use it as a rhetorical question or as a response to a statement.

For example, if your co-worker messages you about some office romance gossip between the boss and the secretary, you might reply with, "Gross. WUWT?" Or, your friend may text you about a new law prohibiting TikTok in your state, and you reply with, "Rly? WUWT."

While you will most likely see people use WUWT in online messages and texts, you may also see people use it in emails, forums, social media, etc. For example, a Facebook user may post a story about your favorite restaurant closing, and you reply with, "Noooo. WUWT?!?!"


Did you see our company's stock price has dropped five days in a row? WUWT?
Dang. FML

That WUWT expression

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Updated July 26, 2023

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