What does FML stand for in texts and online?

F*** my life


FML is an exasperated expression people may send in texts, emails, and online messages. They often use FML to express frustration or anxiety about how one's life is going, possibly after a depressing statement.

For example, a person may have lost his job, girlfriend, and dog all in one day and send his friend, "My life is like a country song. FML." Or, a co-worker may email you, "FML. The boss wants to see me after lunch. Pray for me, bro."

Typically, the best response to someone who uses FML is to show compassion and empathy since they are having a rough day. However, most male friends will probably respond with laughter.


I invited over 30 people to my party and only 5 showed up. FML
Sorry to hear that. If you had invited me, I woulda have shown up. :)

That FML feeling

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Updated September 18, 2023

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