What is wuv short for?


Wuv is a playful way to abbreviate "love" and is typically used between two friends or lovers. The abbreviation is a product of baby-talk, which is when a person dumbs down their speech to be more accessible to a little child.

You will most likely see the abbreviation used in texts or on social media when expressing devotion or favor for someone or something. It may also be said aloud when confessing love for a person, often during an act of PDA.

The "w" replacing the "l" in "love" mimics the sound of a child who has trouble pronouncing his "L"s. It is meant to only be used in formal situations between friends, so be careful who you use it with, otherwise, you may weird out the other person.


I wuv you soooo much!

That special wuv feeling

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Updated November 23, 2020

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