What is WW84 short for?

Wonder Woman 1984

WW84 is short for "Wonder Woman 1984," the 2020-debuting sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman. Reuniting director Patty Jenkins with leading lady Gal Gadot, WW84 follows Wonder Woman's adventures in the 1980s, as she faces off against Maxwell Lord and reunites with love-thought-lost Steve Trevor.

While Wonder Woman 1984 was originally scheduled to release in December 2019, it was delayed numerous times until, eventually, being scheduled to release on Christmas 2020. To tide themselves over during the delay, Wonder Woman fans watched and rewatched the movie's trailers, created fan art, and debated numerous theories about how Steve Trevor survived the original Wonder Woman film.


Do you think WW84 is going to be any good?
I don't care if it's good; I just want it to come out!

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Updated November 19, 2020

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