What is the MCU?

Marvel Cinematic Universe

For fans of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, MCU stands for "Marvel Cinematic Universe." Comprised of the many live-action superhero movies (and tie-ins) that Marvel Studios has released since 2008, the MCU is likely the world's most popular and successful movie franchise.

The seeds for what would become the MCU were first sown at the end of 2008's Iron Man. In that film's post-credits scene, Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury appeared to recruit Iron Man into the Avengers Initiative. As Marvel Studios continued releasing solo superhero films, additional threads tied the films together and paved the way for 2012's The Avengers, a team-up movie starring Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.

Since then, the MCU has only continued to expand. In 2018, the franchise celebrated its 10th anniversary with the release of Avengers: Infinity War, a movie that starred the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, and MCU big-bad Thanos.


Who's your favorite MCU hero?
It has to be Spider-Man. He's the greatest superhero of all time!

I sure hope so, Cap, given that you're a key part of the MCU

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Updated October 21, 2020

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