1. What does SWALK stand for?

Sealed with a loving kiss

A message that is SWALK is "sealed with a loving kiss." This acronym typically appears at the end of meaningful messages exchanged by SOs.

Email, chat, and text messages cannot, of course, actually be sealed with a kiss. But including SWALK at the end of a message tells the message's recipient that you love them, and that you would seal your message with a kiss if you could. For the moment, an acronym will have to suffice.


Thanks again for listening to what I had to say. I hope this letter wasn't too long. =) SWALK

SWALK has nothing to do with seals, though they are great kissers

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Updated April 7, 2021
2. What does SWALK stand for?

Sweet, with all love, kisses

Your parents or SO might end a text conversation with SWALK (sweet, with all love, kisses). This acronym means roughly the same thing as XOXO.

When you receive SWALK, it's appropriate to respond with a term of endearment of your own. You could use the aforementioned XOXO, or you could use ILU2, LUL, or BFK.


Thanks for chatting, TTYL. SWALK!

A woman about to send SWALK

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Updated July 6, 2022

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