What does YBYSA stand for?

You bet your sweet a**


YBYSA stands for "you bet your sweet a**," which is another way of saying, "You better believe it!" It is typically used online and in text messages.

The acronym is primarily used among close, slang-savvy friends since it contains a vulgar word and is rather obscure. Also, it can be considered flirtatious since the last two letters stand for "sweet a**," which could be construed as a compliment of the recipient's backend.

YBYSA is typically utilized to respond in the affirmative to something you are passionate or excited about, like going to a party or joining a road trip. It may also be used to answer more mundane questions like "Are you doing your homework tonight?" but that would be kind of weird.


YBYSA I am going to be there tonight

YBYSA means you bet your sweet a**

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Updated October 13, 2020

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