What is a zillennial?

A person born within a few years of 1996

A zillennial is a person born within a few years of 1996 - which is the dividing line between millennials and zoomers. Zillennials typically experience life events and exhibit traits associated with both millennials and zoomers, making them unlikely to wholly identify with either group.

For example, zillennials may remember witnessing the events of 9/11, while later-born zoomers would not. However, a zillennial may also have had access to a cell phone and the Internet as a child, while earlier-born millennials would not have.

Because they straddle both generations, zillennials are sometimes asked to bridge the gap between millennials and zoomers online and in the workplace. Zillennials also often poke fun at both generations' preferences, because they both do and don't understand them.


As a zillennial, I feel it is my duty to both dismantle Applebee's and go viral on TikTok. Thus, my TikTok series on why Applebee's is terrible
A zillennial explains her "generation's" unique position
A zillennial explains her "generation's" unique position

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Updated August 27, 2021

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