What is a zennial?

A person born in the mid-1990s

A zennial is a person born during the middle years of the 1990s (approximately 1993 to 1998). The name comes from the combination of millennial and Gen Zers (or zoomer), the generations in which the micro-generation overlaps.

Since zennials, also called zillennials, are born during the intersection of the two generations, they typically hold traits and experiences that belong to each. For example, a zennial may have played NES video games popular among millennials but may also have watched kids TV shows, such as Backyardigans, that Gen Zers commonly watched.

Zennials are just one of several micro-generation cuspers people may use to refer to the periods in which people were born. Another common cusper is xennial, a person born between Gen Xers and millennials.


I thought Tom would be a good salesman since he can relate to the older and younger people in the group as a zennial
Good thinking. That's why you're the boss
Zennial tweet about explaining Twin Peaks
Zennial tweet about explaining Twin Peaks

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Updated March 22, 2023

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