What does ZOMFG stand for?

Oh my freakin' gosh!


"ZOMFG" is reserved for when you are absolutely astonished by something online or in a text. For example, when you discover your BFF got into the same college as you, you can celebrate with them by replying to the news with "ZOMFG!!!!"

The acronym is one step up from ZOMG and two steps up from OMG with the "Z" and "F" adding oodles of hyperbolic amazement. While anybody is free to use ZOMFG, mostly tween girls employ it.

Typically, you will see ZOMFG in reaction to something amazingly good or amazingly bad. There isn't much middle ground. An instance of a negative reaction is when a show kills off your favorite character. And an example of a good response is when your parents surprise you with tix to your favorite band's concert.


ZOMFG!!! Ryan and Jill broke up!
What?!? No way!
ZOMFG tweet
ZOMFG tweet

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Updated July 11, 2022

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