What does ZOMG stand for?

Oh my gosh!

ZOMG is a more emphatic and enthusiastic version of OMG. Typically, gamers and other netizens use ZOMG in place of OMG when they're really, really excited about something (or want to sound kewl). However, ZOMG can also be (and is often) used sarcastically.

Origin of ZOMG

While it's likely ZOMG was coined in the late 1990s, its exact origin is unclear. Many gamers posit that ZOMG originated among StarCraft players, who used the acronym as shorthand for "Zerg! Oh my god!" Others think ZOMG is a misspelling, created by someone who intended to capitalize the O in omg but hit the Z key instead of Shift.


ZOMG, I got the job!
A use of ZOMG on Reddit
A use of ZOMG on Reddit

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Updated July 5, 2023

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