What does zumping mean?

Dumping someone over Zoom

Zumping is the act of dumping someone over Zoom. Many people were zumped during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to social distancing guidelines that placed increased pressure on relationships and prevented couples from meeting in-person to break up. These couples likely began using the Zoom video conferencing app to maintain their relationships, never thinking they would also use Zoom to end them.

If you've been zumped, it may be time to pick up a new pandemic-era hobby. Rage baking can help you deal with the stress and absurdity inherent in the rona-stricken world, while crafting the perfect revenge body can help you avoid gaining the quaranfifteen.


Man, getting zumped is even worse than getting dumped by text message
The New York Post, commenting on the existence of zumping
The New York Post, commenting on the existence of zumping

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Updated December 24, 2020

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