Rage Baking

What does rage baking mean?

Baking to relieve anger or stress

Rage baking is baking conducted to relieve anger, tension, or stress. In moments of rage or despair, rage bakers will attempt to use the soothing power of baking to process their negative emotions and create something positive (such as cookies, or a pie).

While the term rage baking has a long history, social media users began rage baking more frequently and posting the results of their #ragebaking sessions after the 2016 American presidential election. Notably, baker, blogger, and RageBaking.com founder Tangerine Jones increased the term's prominence, leading to a controversy when Simon & Schuster published a book titled Rage Baking: The Transformative Power of Flour, Fury, and Women's Voices without crediting or asking for a contribution from Jones.

Rage bakers often use their baking to raise money for charitable causes, bring people and communities together, and call attention to social injustices. But sometimes, rage bakers bake just because they're angry, and they can't think of anything more cathartic to do than knead bread dough or roll out a pie crust.


I cannot stand this vice presidential debate. And that fly! I'm going to go rage bake instead
The delicious end result of some rage baking
The delicious end result of some rage baking

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Updated October 13, 2020

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