What does 1437 mean?

I love you forever

1437 means "I love you forever." This term of endearment is a variant of the popular term 143, which means just "I love you."

Why does 1437 mean I love you forever?

Each word in the phrase "I love you forever" corresponds to a number in 1437. For example, I has only one letter, so it is represented by 1. Love has four letters, you has three letters, and forever has seven letters, so together, the words become the number 1437.

Apparently, this shorthand for "I love you" can be traced back to a 20th century lighthouse keeper and his wife, who told their children that the lighthouse's pattern of one, four, and three flashes meant "I love you." In the years since, people have used 143 to mean "I love you" over text, chat, and social media messages. (Fred Rogers was especially fond of using 143 to mean "I love you.")

Sometimes, people expand 143 by adding other numbers that represent additional words. In addition to seeing 1437 used to mean "I love you forever," you may see 1432 used to mean "I love you, too."


Luv you babe
A use of 1437 on Twitter
A use of 1437 on Twitter

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Updated September 9, 2021

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