What does 14643 mean?

I will always love you

14643 stands for "I will always love you." You're most likely to encounter this expansion of 143 in text or chat messages sent by your SO. You may also see it used on social media, by overzealous TikTokers, Tweeters, and Facebook users.

Why does 14643 mean "I will always love you?"

Each word in the phrase "I will always love you" corresponds to a number in 14643. For example, I has one letter, so it becomes 1. The remaining words have four, six, four, and three letters, creating the number 14643.

This type of shorthand for various "I love you" phrases started in the 1890s, when people began associating a lighthouse's pattern of flashing once, then four times, then three times, with the phrase "I love you." 143 has since become common text and chat slang, and the inspiration for other abbreviations like 14643, 1437, and 1432.


A (rather desperate) use of 14643
A (rather desperate) use of 14643

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Updated November 17, 2022

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