What does 224 mean in chat and text messages?

Today, tomorrow, forever

If you're in a committed relationship, your SO may use 224 to emphasize that they'll always be true to you. This number is a fun stand-in for the phrase "today, tomorrow, forever."

For example, your BF might send you a text that says "143 224." This translates to "I love you today, tomorrow, forever."

Less commonly, other people in your life might also use 224 to mean "today, tomorrow, forever." For example, if you tell your BFF how much you appreciate them, they might respond with "Ofc, that's why we're friends 224."


C'mon baby, imma love u 224!
... heard it before, bro. Not buying it

I'll believe it when you put a ring on it

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Updated March 31, 2023

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