What does 24/7 mean?

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week

24/7 is another way to say "all the time." The 24 refers to 24 hours a day, and the 7 refers to the seven days a week.

People may use 24/7 (pronouncing it as "twenty-four seven") in verbal conversation or messages and online (often when exaggerating time). For example, your friend may tell you, "I feel like a prisoner. My dad is watching me 24/7." since his dad caught him sneaking out. Or, you might text your bother, "I've been thinking about you 24/7 since the accident. How are you doing?"

You might also see people use 24/7 when referencing continuous business operation hours. Examples include a grocery store or pharmacy that is open 24/7.


It seems like my mind is running 24/7 these days
I know the feeling. You should probably take a vacay

Loving someone 24/7 is an around-the-clock job

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Updated July 19, 2023

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