What is wk short for?


Wk is a common abbreviation for "week" that removes the vowels but leaves the consonants. You may see wk in various contexts, including in messages, online, and handwritten notes.

For example, a person may text you, "wut wk r u going to go to Mexico?" Or, an NFL fan may comment on Twitter, "All the wk 5 games in the league were amazing! Hopefully, we get more of that entertainment for the rest of the season." Another example is your mom writing "Chores for this wk" on a whiteboard to outline what you and your siblings need to do to earn your allowance.


wut r u up to this wk?
nm, u?
hangin at my dad's
Wk is a common abbreviation you may see in messages.
Wk is a common abbreviation you may see in messages.

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Updated September 19, 2023

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