What does 4MTK stand for?

For me to know

What's the definition of 4MTK? Well, that's "for me to know." (And you, too. You now also know.)

Where did 4MTK originate?

The phrase "for me to know" is used to imply that a piece of information is a secret and not meant to be shared with others. 4MTK is an acronymized version of the phrase, which uses the number 4 in place of "for."

How is 4MTK used?

People typically use 4MTK as part of the phrase "that's 4MTK," to gloat about the fact that they know something you do not.

If the person you're talking to is especially smug, they may append 4MTK with &UTFO, which stands for "and you to find out." This phrase implies that you'll learn the secret soon ... and you probably won't like it.


Hey, when's Brian's bday again?
That's 4MTK

No way, it's all 4MTK

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Updated June 17, 2021

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