What does HTSFM stand for?

He's too sexy for me

HTSFM is when you think a guy is too sexy for you. The acronym, which stands for "he's too sexy for me," is often used when messaging in texts or online.

People may use HTSFM for various reasons. Possibilities include: they have low self-esteem regarding their attractiveness, they are joking because the guy is objectively not handsome, or the guy is out-of-this-world, Chris Hemsworth-level sexy.

You can typically tell how someone uses HTSFM by knowing the person using it and the context. For example, your friend might text you "HTSFM" when seeing a blind date for the first time and her standards of attractiveness are realistic. Or, you might see a rando user online post "HTSFM" about a boyfriend, and you have no clue if they are kidding or being serious.


Whoa, HTSFM, I'm outta here

Trying to play it cool

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Updated December 29, 2021

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