What does ITSFY stand for?

I'm too sexy for you

When you want to be blunt and a bit cold-hearted about how much more attractive you are than someone, send them "ITSFY." The acronym stands for "I'm too sexy for you" and is often used online and in text messages.

You might use ITSFY as a power play to tell a person that they aren't attractive enough for you. You might do this to establish yourself as the dominant one in the relationship.

Or, hopefully, you might use it jokingly to jab a SO playfully. For example, they may have just remarked about how hot you look in a picture posted on social media. Or, they may have just stated how good your hair looks in a text.


Dang gurl, you look gr8!
I kno! ITSFY. :-)

That ITSFY confidence

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Updated December 29, 2021

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