What does A/S/L/P stand for?

Age, sex, location, picture

People use A/S/L/P to ask for someone's age, sex, location (where they currently live or are), and picture. Most often, people use this acronym in online chat or DMs, when they want to get to know someone better.

For example, if you're DMing with someone you met in Discord, they may send you "A/S/L/P?" to prompt you to share more details about yourself. If you feel comfortable sharing your info, you can respond with your age, sex, and location, and attach a picture of yourself to the message. If you don't feel comfortable specifying your age, sex, and location, or providing a picture of yourself, don't do it. Turns out, the Internet's full of creepers, so you might be right to be suspicious.


What's your A/S/L/P?
23, M, San Diego. Lemme dig up a good pic to send

A man who is about to ask for your A/S/L/P

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Updated December 8, 2022

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