What is Adrod short for?


TikTokers sometimes refer to the Android operating system as Adrod. This nickname originated as part of the Adrod 13 Installer trend, in which users posted videos of themselves "bricking" their phones using a bogus app named Adrod 13 Installer.

What is the Adrod 13 Installer TikTok trend?

Shortly after Google released Android 13, an app named Adrod 13 Installer appeared online. This app claimed to allow users to install Android 13 on their devices. Instead, clicking INSTALL ADROD in the app shows users a message that claims their "system has been destroyed" and "bro ur phone has been bricked."

However, using the Adrod 13 Installer does not actually damage a user's phone or tablet. It just shows the messages detailed above, and users can close and delete the app at any time. (That said, you probably still shouldn't install or use Adrod 13 Installer.)

After seeing the app in action, many TikTokers (for some reason) decided to install and use it themselves. This led to a proliferation of Adrod 13-related videos, in which users pretended they'd ruined their Android devices.


I'm switching from iPhone to Adrod next year
Not me, I'm Apple sheep for lyfe
An Adrod 13 Installer video on TikTok
An Adrod 13 Installer video on TikTok

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Updated December 22, 2022

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