What does JB mean when discussing iOS devices?


iPhone and iPad owners may use the "JB" to abbreviate "jailbreak." JBing a device removes the device's default system restrictions. For example, on a JB'd iPhone, you can install apps from outside Apple's App Store and modify the phone's operating system.

Many third-party apps and tools allow iOS device users to JB their devices. However, JBing a device violates Apple's end-user license agreement, so you should think carefully before using a JB tool.

Other uses of JB

Android users may use JB to refer to Jelly Bean, a previous version of the Android operating system. Additionally, non-techies may use JB to refer to someone they consider jailbait.


How dangerous is JBing your iPhone?
Not sure. I'm too worried I'd mess up the phone
A user worried that JBing their iPhone might cause trouble
A user worried that JBing their iPhone might cause trouble

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Updated March 15, 2022

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