Apple Sheep

What are Apple sheep?

Blindly loyal Apple fans

Critics of Apple electronics, software, and marketing may refer to Apple fans as "Apple sheep." This term implies that those who like Apple's products are suckers, who could instead be using cheaper and/or superior products if they weren't obsessed with Apple.

The typical Apple sheep

Those who use the term Apple sheep picture all Apple enthusiasts as blindly loyal customers who line up for the new iPhone on release day, pay for everything with Apple Cash, and ignore the fact that Apple is often just as cringy as any other big tech company. These critics assume Apple sheep have bought into Apple's "think different" marketing hook, line, and sinker. Thus, Apple sheep are unwilling to even consider using non-Apple products.

The reality, of course, is that most Apple enthusiasts legitimately enjoy certain features of Apple products. They may also have their own gripes with other companies' products (and users). However, in critics' minds, there's no reason to like Apple's products, other than being an Apple sheep.


You already got the new iPhone? What an Apple sheep
... no, I just needed a new phone
A Twitter user criticizing Apple sheep
A Twitter user criticizing Apple sheep

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Updated November 10, 2022

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