What does AFAWK stand for?

As far as we know

Those discussing known information use AFAWK to mean "as far as we know." You're most likely to encounter AFAWK during discussions of movies, TV shows, video games, celebrities, and other "important" topics, on social media and in forums.

For example, a user discussing Star Wars continuity may post "AFAWK, Mara Jade doesn't exist in the Disney universe (though there have been references to the Emperor's Hand)." This means Mara Jade does not but could later exist in current Star Wars canon.

You may also encounter AFAWK in chat or text messages, sent by your friends, family, or co-workers to let you know what they know. For example, your boss might post "AFAWK, corporate is not currently approving any overtime" in Slack, to let you know that you shouldn't attempt to log any overtime hours.


AFAWK, your father is going to be okay
Oh, thank goodness
AFAWK stands for "as far as we know"
AFAWK stands for "as far as we know"

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Updated April 20, 2023

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