What is an alpha in regards to when they were born?

A person born between 2013 and 2025

Alpha is a name given to a person who is part of Gen Alpha, the generation born between 2013 and the mid-2020s (roughly 2025). This generation follows Gen Z (or iGen), also known as Gen Zers and zoomers, and is named after the first letter in the Greek alphabet (Alpha) to represent the first generation entirely born in the 2000s.

Most alphas are kids born to millennials (also known as parennials) and have grandparents who are most likely boomers. Time will tell how alphas adapt to the world around them, but the prevalence of social networks, streaming entertainment, personal electronic devices, and the covid pandemic currently defines them.


I remember when people blamed everything on us as millennials. Now my kids are alphas, and my generation is gonna blame everything on them
The circle of life
Alpha taught on a tablet by their parennial
Alpha taught on a tablet by their parennial

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Updated March 15, 2023

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