Gen Alpha

What is Gen Alpha?

Generation of people born between 2013 and 2025

Gen Alpha is a nickname from the first letter in the Greek alphabet (Alpha), representing the first generation entirely born in the 2000s. People often use Gen Alpha to refer to the whole generation but may also use it for a specific person (a longer version of Alpha).

Most members of Gen Alpha come from millennials (also known as parennials) and have grandparents who are most likely boomers or Gen Xers. However, they may also be born to Gen Zers (also known as zoomers).

People may negatively or positively refer to Gen Alpha. For example, netizens may make fun of Gen Alpha for watching cringe content on YouTube. Or, they may have hope that they will be more attuned to their emotions due to the renewed focus on mental health in the 2020s.


My nephew is Gen Alpha and is so good at coding already
I bet. He grew up immersed in tech
He's also addicted to YouTube
Gen Alpha discovering CDs
Gen Alpha discovering CDs

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Updated November 8, 2023

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