What is Americancore?

A satirical aesthetic centered around American stereotypes

Americancore is a social media trend in which users poke fun at things that are "stereotypically American." It originated as backlash against Japancore and kawaiicore videos, but has since taken on a life of its own.

What is the origin of Americancore?

Fed up with videos in which non-Asians delight in the "exoticism" of Asian snacks and drinks, some Asian TikTokers began filming videos in which they did the same thing, but the snacks were American foods like Twizzlers, Lay's potato chips, and Goldfish crackers. These videos were often filmed at American grocery stores and supermarkets.

As Americancore videos became more popular, the concept extended into an entire over-the-top American aesthetic. These days, for example, an Americancore post might feature a picture of the poster drinking mayonnaise at a rodeo while wearing an American flag as a cape, with the hashtag #Americancore.

Is Americancore ever used unironically?

It is! Complicating this whole thing is the fact that some non-Americans do delight in the "exoticism" of American culture. These non-Americans might refer to their authentic love of stereotypically American snack foods and activities as Americancore.


Got my first U.S. hospital bill today, thousands of dollars. Finally feel like I belong here. #Americancore
A fairly typical satirical Americancore post
A fairly typical satirical Americancore post

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Updated April 28, 2022

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