What is cottagecore?

An aesthetic centered around romanticized rural living

Cottagecore is a subculture that emulates a romanticized version of Western rural agricultural living. Those who are into cottagecore often dress in vintage clothing that wouldn't look out of place at a 19th century barn raising, and they share pictures of themselves baking bread, embroidering, tending their gardens, or performing other pastoral tasks.

The cottagecore community is most active on Tumblr, but you may also encounter the term (and the aesthetic's practitioners) on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media websites. Many subgroups reside within the cottagecore community, but for all of them, the subculture serves as a way to distance themselves from the always-on lifestyle of the smartphone era.


Linda's totally into cottagecore now. I think 8 of her last 10 insta posts have been her in a fancy dress, baking bread with goats
One Twitter user's take on Autumnal cottagecore
One Twitter user's take on Autumnal cottagecore

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Updated October 28, 2020

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