What kind of clothing is athleisure?

Athletic, leisure fashion

Athleisure is a type of clothing that can be used in both "athletic" and "leisurely" circumstances. Common examples of athleisure apparel are women's leggings, shorts, and sports bra tops.

The fashion trend gained steam in the mid-2010s as women looked for comfortable clothing items that could serve multiple purposes. Athleisure clothing can be worn to the gym, on a jog, to school, when lounging around at home, out to eat, and even at some workplaces.

Due to the stretchy material the clothing is made out of, many women have chosen to wear athleisure pants and shorts instead of the traditional denim jean hard pants option. While athleisure wear is mostly worn by women, athletic men also partake in the trend.


My whole wardrobe has turned athleisure in a matter of weeks.
Same here! It's so comfortable!

Some athleisure fit options

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Updated May 21, 2021

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