What does AMS stand for?

Ask me something

When you want someone to ask you a question, you may send them "AMS" in a text or online. It is typically used to break the ice when getting to know someone.

Where does AMS come from?

It became popular as more people accessed online chatrooms to meet other people. The acronym was an easy way to get the ball rolling when getting past the awkward first stages of a friendship or romantic relationship. It is similar to the AMA acronym that became popular on Reddit in the 2000s.

Who uses AMS?

Millennial adults and older use it the most, but younger people may also use it when getting to know others online or texting. When online, they may use it in a chatroom, but people often use it on social and dating sites.


AMS about my friends

Ask Moira something!

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Updated March 16, 2021

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