What is ana short for?


Ana is short for "anorexia," an eating disorder (ED) that includes not eating to lose weight. You will likely see women (although anyone can) use ana online in health-related forums, nutrition blogs, and social media to refer to the ED.

People typically use ana when warning of the dangers of the ED. For example, they may post a Twitter thread about how ana was a slippery slope they started on when they were 13 but are now on the long road to recovery.

Some people may even refer to their struggle with anorexia as "Ana" and talk about her like a real person. For example, they may post in their blog, "I fought Ana hard today and won. Today was a good day."

However, others may implicitly and explicitly support ana to varying degrees. These people are known as pro-ana and health experts and concerned parents often criticize them.


Don't chase the bodies of these influencers
Yeah, most of them are photoshopped or struggle with ana
Ana tweet
Ana tweet

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Updated October 4, 2022

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