What is a DAQ?

Dumb asked question

A "DAQ" is an unintelligent question, like asking the number for 911 in an emergency. DAQ is a variation of the common FAQ acronym for "frequently asked questions."

You will likely see DAQ online, like in a tech-related forum or in messages (online or texts). For example, a person may ask how to restart their computer, and another user may respond with, "We have our first DAQ of the day."

Or, your friend may ask if you think the final exam will be hard, and you respond with, "Well, that's a DAQ. Of course it's gonna be hard!" Another example is your gf texting you asking if you think she's pretty, and you respond with, "DAQ. U r the most beautiful person I know. :)"


Why does that guy always post DAQs in this discussion forum?
iono. the admin needs to ban him

Mind-numbing reaction to a DAQ

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Updated July 5, 2023

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