What do religious people use AOYP to mean?

Angel on your pillow

Those who believe in the Judeo-Christian God use AOYP to stand for "angel on your pillow." Typically, when someone uses this acronym it means that a) they're praying for you and b) they hope you get a good night's rest.

While AOYP is meant to be reassuring (yay, an angel is looking out for you; you'll definitely sleep well now), some may find it anything but. To the non-religious, the mental picture of an angel sitting (or worse, hovering above) their pillow may instead be terrifying. Thus, you may want to think carefully before sending someone AOYP.


Sleep well, there will be an AOYP tonight!
Gee thanks

Hey! That's my pillow!

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Updated July 5, 2023

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