What is agl short for in messages?


Agl is an abbreviation people may use to describe a nice person or a celestial being. For example, you may tell your friend, "It was great to meet your mom, she's an agl!"

While obscure, you still may encounter agl when messaging, whether it be when texting, DMing, or gaming online. Most people use it genuinely, but they may also use it sarcastically.

For example, after finishing a game, you may message your friend, "I'm glad that match is over. That guy was a real agl." Or, you may confess about a blind date, "I'm so glad that's over. He was an agl. :|"


Thanks for bringing me a mocha this morning. U r such an agl!
NP! Anything for you!
Although obscure, you may see agl in messages
Although obscure, you may see agl in messages

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Updated September 6, 2023

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