What does artsy mean?

Display of artistic style

Artsy is a term that describes someone or something that displays artistic style or interest. The term may be used to to criticize or compliment a piece of work making context an important part of understanding the intent of the term.

If it's used in a negative manner it is meant to criticize a person for trying to appear or create something artistic when it's really just for show and not sincere. If used in a complimentary manner it is meant to show appreciation for the creator's "eye" for design. This slang word has increased in popularity as more people have cameras and pic sharing avenues at their disposal to show off their new "hobby" to the rest of the world.


Jenny isn't a legit artist, she's a phony that tries to look artsy
An artsy way to display art supplies
An artsy way to display art supplies

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Updated March 7, 2017

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