What does askhole mean?

A person who asks many stupid questions

An askhole is a person who wastes other people's time by asking a lot of pointless and/or insensitive questions. As you might've already guessed, this term is derived from the crass term a**hole, and roughly means "an a**hole who asks a lot of annoying questions."

There's almost no reason to ever call anyone an askhole, as it's an incredibly judgmental term. Furthermore, it doesn't account for the fact that some people are simply more curious than others, and so ask a lot more questions. However, if a person's incessant inquiries are clearly making others feel uncomfortable, or wasting a large group's time, you may be forgiven for calling that person an askhole ...


He is such an askhole, he never stops asking questions about my gay brother

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Updated August 9, 2022

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