What does DAH mean?

Dumb a** hole


DAH is a derogatory or playful term that describes a person who did something stupid or is a big-time jerk. Most people use it when messaging online or in texts, but they may also use it on social media and chatrooms.

People may seriously use DAH to call out someone's behavior, or they may mean it as a joke when someone experiences a brain fart. Since it's difficult to know if someone is joking or not via a text-based message, you will have to know the context in which it's used to understand how it's meant to be received.

For example, if your BFF reveals that she slipped and fell in front of her crush, you may call her a DAH. Or, if the politician you despise says something you disagree with, you may call him a DAH on Twitter.


I can't believe that DAH ripped me off!

That DAH behavior

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Updated March 10, 2022

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