What is an audiophile?

A person passionate about audio reproduction

An audiophile is a person who is hugely enthusiastic about sound quality. They love listening to music, are particular about how sound is played back, and are fascinated about recording techniques and equipment.

"Audiophile" is the combination of "audio" and "phile" ( a term that denotes a person's fondness for something). It is similar to the "cinephile" term, which describes a person who loves films and has an appreciation for their history and the techniques employed to make them.

Audiophiles care about how audio is recorded, the media in which audio is stored, and the systems and speakers that play back the audio. They are even passionate about the acoustics of the room where they listen to the sound. Unfortunately, audiophiles' devotion to sound quality may come across as snobbery to those who casually listen to music.


Raymond has an amazing set-up in his den. It's every audiophiles' dream
Audiophile tweet
Audiophile tweet

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Updated February 15, 2022

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