What is spkr short for?


Spkr is an abbreviation for a person speaking or an electronic speaker, such as a computer speaker or a home audio system speaker. For example, if you are having a dance party, you might text your friend, "Can you bring your nice spkr and mic for the party next Friday?"

There are various contexts online and in texts where you might refer to someone as the "spkr." For example, if you are a fan of politics, you may refer to the "Speaker of the House of Representatives" as the "spkr." Or, you may refer to the keynote speaker of a conference you are attending as the "conference's spkr."

Additionally, you may refer to a device's speaker as a spkr (e.g., the phone's spkr). Or, you might refer to a standalone speaker, like a bluetooth speaker, as a "bt spkr."


Can I put u on spkr phone?
Yea, sure

The spkr using a spkr wanting attention

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Updated August 14, 2023

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