What does aura mean?


Aura is another way to describe a person's coolness, whether in sports, fashion, or social situations. People online, especially on social sites like TikTok and Snapchat, may quantify if someone has a positive or negative aura by referring to their "aura points" or "aura count."

In the summer of 2024, aura grew in popularity as a slang term, primarily because it became a TikTok trend. In this context, aura acts as a form of social currency that friends and romantic prospects may evaluate to see if they are worth their time.

For example, if a guy fumbles his words when talking to a girl he likes, she may subtract from his aura count or points, which could factor into her giving him more of her precious time. On the flip side, if she finds a guy handsome and smooth with his words, she probably increases his aura count (aura is incredibly subjective and is worth varying amounts based on the eyes of the beholders).


my aura took a hit today when I tripped in front of my crush
TikToker evaluating aura from his schoolday
TikToker evaluating aura from his schoolday

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Updated July 9, 2024

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