What is a cinephile?

A devoted fan of cinema

A cinephile is a person who is a highly devoted fan of cinema. They watch many films, but they also learn their history and the technique behind making them.

The "cinephile" name comes from the combination of "cinema" and "phile," which denotes fondness for something. For example, people who are passionate about the reproduction of high-fidelity sound are called "audiophiles." Cinephiles have existed since the advent of feature films in the early-20th century.

However, their numbers exponentially grew as films became available for viewing in people's homes with the distribution of VHS tapes that could be played on VCRs.

What do cinephiles act like?

Cinephiles are a step beyond movie lovers. They not only enjoy watching them, but they also enjoy learning their history and appreciate them as an art form. Some people may compare cinephiles to film snobs because they are usually critical of films instead of just watching them for entertainment.

Once you become a cinephile, there's no going back. If you are just a casual fan of movies, you might think cinephiles are insufferable because they must critique and discuss them, sometimes for hours on end. It's near-impossible for a cinephile to watch films as just entertainment, which is the great burden they must bear.


Kevin claims he is a cinephile, but also hasn't even seen Citizen Kane
What a poser
Cinephile tweet
Cinephile tweet

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Updated February 15, 2022

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