What does baka mean?


Baka is a Japanese word that means "idiot" or "fool." It can also be used as an adjective, meaning "stupid" or "foolish."

Who uses baka?

Outside Japan, baka is used primarily by anime and manga fans. These fans have picked up baka from the Japanese TV shows, movies, and comics they love. In anime and manga, characters frequently call each other bakas (especially during tense scenes).

Is baka a swear word?

Technically, baka is a Japanese swear word. However, it is a low-tier, commonly-used swear word that some people do not regard as a swear. Additionally, baka's increased usage outside Japan has dulled its impact.


You baka! It was me the whole time!
An anime fan using baka on Reddit
An anime fan using baka on Reddit

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Updated May 25, 2021

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